This MA started in 2009 as a personal investigation into my making process on the aim of establishing a comprehensive and conscious decision making in my art. It is proven a rollercoaster from sublime happiness in the arms of calypso to the horror of survival from the hands of Cyclops.

The subject of my project is the development of a body of three-dimensional work which explores the possibility of representing death. This is thought as the ultimate challenge of representing something which can not be experienced and manifests itself as absolute nothing. I try to use a visual language that address the qualities of directness (as familiarity, reality), of ordinariness (as banality, triviality) and otherness (as absence, liminality).

The work progressed in various stages before settling into 2 installations. Clay was used in all its different forms and stages as multifaceted and transformational element.

Periscope is our organ of visual exploration.


Seeing is reaching beyond our physical space, penetrating in other dimensions and universes, taking ownership of things that we long for.


© Stathis Dimitriadis