Periscope is our organ of visual exploration.


Seeing is reaching beyond our physical space, penetrating in other dimensions and universes, taking ownership of things that we long for.


Periscope grows, expands, absorbs, documents and shapes our perception.


Stelae: commemorative pillars, anthropomorphic probes, objects of memory, body extensions.


Pillar and columns, poles and markers, totems and tombstones; they are referencing points of existence which mark our presence and help us navigate through physical and cultural time.


In my art, I use the pillar form as the body where changes happen and actions are recorded, where from things emerge and emotions arise. The stele becomes a symbol of human defiance and vulnerability.




Terpsichore is an allegory on the human perception of space.


The space we live and exist is less of a certainty and more an experience that we have to constantly define. In that sense, our motion in space is a way of drawing, marking and creating our living environment. In this environment we feel comfortable or constrained.


Terpsichore is alive and dancing, smelling and tasting, touching and feeling. It is our probe and our universe.


Anagram is meant to both reveal and deceive.


It is playing a game with our understanding of inside and outside, our expectation of what is a whole and what is a part. It grows from within and expands from outside. it is a frontman and an insider.


Anagram stays on the borderline of being and gone; a hybrid reconstruction of a timeless reality.

© Stathis Dimitriadis